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Audio Books

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  • Audio Books are available for children and adults from a catalog of thousands of titles with hundreds of new titles added each year.
  • Audio recordings are on MP3CDs, but cassettes and audio CDs can also be requested.
  • Soon eligible clients will be able to download audio books directly from our website.
  • Recordings are sent to our clients and are theirs to keep for a small fee.
  • Scholarships are available to individuals needing financial assistance for services.

Audio Books for Adults

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Catalog List of Adult Audio Books

Classics, new best sellers, history, romance, and mysteries are among the diverse genre of titles available. Special requests can also be made for certification preparation, training materials and employment related materials.

Child reading book

Audio Books for Children

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Catalog List of Children’s Audio Books

Texas Bluebonnet books, Newbery Award winners, new best sellers, both fiction and non-fiction are available for early-readers to high school level.

Audio Books for Home School Teachers

Special home school textbooks and study materials are available or can be recorded by special request.

Audio Books for use by Schools and Regional Education Service Centers

Master Recordings are available for purchase by individual schools or classrooms allowing as many student copies to be made as needed.

Audio Books for Residential Nursing Facilities

Adult listening to book

A selection of books are formatted in 1 hour serialized recordings that make great daily entertainment for residential “book clubs."

Serialized Books

Audio Books for the General Public

Anyone, either reading impaired and/or the general public can order online from our public domain, original RRR shows and works available with puclishers permission.


  • Please contact the office for pricing
  • Scholarships are available to those needing financial assistance

"It takes about two hours to record 22 pages. But if we can keep a kid in school, in education, then every minute of our time is worth it."

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