Improving Accessibility Towards The Blind

R & RR Services

This is the unofficial home page for Reading and Radio Resource (Dallas, Texas) which has a variety of clients including;
- Local schools and independent districts
- Users of guide dogs
- Blind users and listeners
- Corporate agencies and businesses
- The American Foundation for the Blind

It uses its accessibility services to personally ship tapes or printed material to the visually impaired around the state. It allows users to order books at a low cost that have been adapted specifically for the blind community regardless of age and for blind children there are adapted state-textbooks that are particularly beneficial for education.

How To Gain Access To The NTRB Channel:
The official Reading & Radio Resource channel is known as the NTRB and offers around the clock programming which not only informs on state and national news but provides entertainment as well. For users, programs could also involve segments of novels and reading that help to ease loneliness for restricted users as well as being a hub for information catered specifically to the blind.

In order to access this channel, you must be registered as visually impaired or blind by a health or social professional who can certify you have trouble with printed material. Once this is confirmed, you can apply for a free decoder that is mailed to you and will allow you to pick up the radio signal as long as you are within 70 miles of the tower.

To Order
While volunteering and charity work are an essential part of their ethos, Reading & Radio Resource aim to provide a high-quality shop to help with fundraising and cover some of the costs. With this in mind, they have over 3,000 titles you can select from and purchase on either a cassette or CD from their program.

If you are unable to donate you can discuss renting or ordering a story from them but it is highly recommended that if you can donate, you should. This helps to keep the vital work going and the blind community served well.