Improving Accessibility Towards The Blind

Understanding R & RR

The Reading & Radio Resource is a non-profit organisation and used to be known as the North Texas Taping and Radio but caters to the NTRB. This is not the official web page for their services so some may vary, but they aim to offer these:

The designated library has thousands of taped titles that blind users can rent or borrow so that they can immerse themselves in stories like everyone else. Part of the program involves volunteers recording titles on the tapes and then these being distributed to the blind community to keep as well. They are often one of the few stories they have access to and offer entertainment and culture, as well as shortening the gap between the blind and society.

A regular radio program that aims to give active listeners a platform that is in keeping with themes and topics that are relatable to the blind. This is on regularly and covers a big area surrounding the station to cater to as many as possible. This is particularly beneficial for blind people who don’t have many aids to help them get outside and offers a way to bring them information in the safety of their own home.

School can be hard for any student but when you are unable to read the source material, this gives an impossible disadvantage that also separates blind students from their peers. R & RR aim to work with the school districts in their area to convert textbooks for their blind students into audio format so they are learning with the same information and resources to give them the same academic chances. This not only improves education standard but gives them a better chance at careers in the future as well as helping socially in schools for blind children.

Main Goals
It not only aims to be the number one resource for the blind or visually impaired but has incredibly high standards with which their materials conform. In addition to this they aim to make R & RR an enjoyable place to work as a volunteer as so much of their services rely on the goodwill and hard work of others.

With the increasing of technology, what once started with audio tapes, has now grown into audiobook and digital formats meaning that they can serve great areas using their online presence. Ultimately, the main goal or Reading & Radio Resource is to help serve the blind community in the most cost-effective and helpful way possible.