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Our Mission

Reading & Radio Resource

The mission of Reading & Radio Resource is to create specialized audio content for children and adults with unique reading and learning needs.

Reading & Radio Resource was founded in 1969 by Edythe and Henry X. Salzberger. For 32 years, the agency produced “Talking Books” for the Library of Congress. The Recorded Books Program began in 1972 and the Radio Reading Service was established in 1976. Audio Description Service was added in 2010.

Our clients:

  • Children and adults with vision loss:  RRR's legacy services were developed around providing newspapers, magazines, books, and educational content for readers who were blind, had low-vision, or otherwise needed unique access to media otherwise commonly used by sighted individuals.  Today, we continue to give preference to the needs of those with vision loss in our programming.
  • Children with learning differences: Reading is fundamental to success in school.  We provide tools so children with special reading needs can succeed in the classroom.
  • Adult learners: Low literacy and limited English language skills prevent full access to jobs and opportunities.  RRR develops products and content to help adult learners transform their lives.
  • Adults with learning differences:  We recognize that adults with learning differences face unique challenges in our information-driven world.  RRR's services remove barriers to career advancement and facilitate continuing education.



Our Address:

Reading & Radio Resource
2007 Randall St
Dallas, TX 75201

"I would like to commend the staff, board, volunteers and supporters who provide such high quality service to those who are reading impaired."

Facts and Figures

  • There are more than a million persons who are blind in the US.
  • More than 25 million Americans are reading impaired.
  • More than 20 % of students in the US have a reading disability.
  • A large population of students in the US are learning English as a second language.
  • As baby boomers continue to age, adults with vision impairments are expected to double.
  • Many military service men and women are returning from war zones with reading challenges due to vision and physical impairments.

Address: 2007 Randall, Dallas, TX 75201 View Map   Phone: 214.871.7668